The US Wine Trade Alliance (USWTA)
represents all tiers of the US Wine Trade in the fight against wine tariffs.
Through coalition building, direct lobbying, and grassroots efforts, the USWTA
works on behalf of American importers, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and producers,
aligning all with the common goal of achieving a zero-tariff policy
on wine imported to the United States.


March Newsletter


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The U.S. and EU have announced the suspension of all tariffs related to the Airbus / Boeing case for four months, including all tariffs on wine from the EU. The suspension goes into effect …As soon as each side completes internal measures. Speak to your customs broker, but it could be as soon as today or Monday. 

While the suspension is temporary, we believe the U.S. and EU would not have chosen a four month time frame if they did not have good reason to believe they were far enough along in negotiations to resolve the Large Civil Aircraft case permanently, and quickly. We will of course be paying close attention, and continuing to encourage all parties involve to rapidly settle this case.

We will update you in the coming days as we learn more about the details, and what to expect going forward.

A HUGE THANK YOU from me to all of you for your tremendous support and work in this endeavor. The USTR and Congress heard from massive numbers of small businesses and consumers, in all 50 states, which helped to bring this issue to the top of the Biden administration’s “to do” list. You called, you wrote, you e-mailed, and you told your friends, your family, and your neighbors to do the same. Your efforts mattered – and people listened. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Ben Aneff